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Last year, over a hundred young enthusiasts about food and farming participated in the official project launch ‘CAP What’s cooking?:  Recipes for understanding the Common Agricultural Policy’ in October.

The launch marked a start of a new project to communicate the CAP 2014-2020 to the general public. The event was organised by Groupe de Bruges, an independent European network, in close collaboration with the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) and the European Young Farms Organisation (CEJA).

Alice Cerutti, Italian female farmer and vice-president of CEJA said during the event: “CEJA is a partner in ‘CAP, What’s Cooking?’, because as farmers we need to be more transparent, show the citizens what we do, how we do it and why. We have to open our hearts and our farms to them, so they get a better understanding. This project offers a very good way for that”.

Coming up this March and April 2016, seven local events will be held in on farms across the European Union. Each will host a one day programme of farm tours, cookery workshops by local chefs, CAP presentations by experts and stakeholders as well as lunch- and dinner-debates.

In parallel a CAP Cook Book, both in hard copy and in HTML5 digital form, will be developed. The beautifully designed book will include brief explanations on the various topics of the Common Agricultural Policy, farm portraits and recipes from renowned, local chefs, using products from the area. A first preview of the beautifully designed CAP Cook Book is available on our website to highlight a Dutch example of a farm the Netherlands of Jaring Brunia, CAP Budget information made easy to understand and a tastefully designed receipt for Creamy risotto by Dutch chef Naresh Ramdjas.

For book preview, pre-order and more information on the ‘CAP, What’s cooking?’ project is available at



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Ms Michaela Skodova,  +447842 763 857.

About the ‘CAP, What’s cooking?’

The ‘CAP, What’s cooking’ Project has been built on the objective to increase and disseminate the knowledge and discussion of the reformed CAP, and to make this rather complex policy also accessible in a simple way to the general public.

The project is developed by the Groupe de Bruges in association with the Slow Food Youth Network and CEJA.

Co-financed by European Commission.

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