CEJA President Jannes Maes addressed the informal meeting of agriculture ministers in Helsinki, Finland, today on the subject of reshaping farmers’ role in climate action and promoting sustainable farming through soil carbon sequestration

“Young farmers recognise the importance of combatting climate change. Our livelihood depends on vibrant ecosystems and predictable weather patterns. We want to face this challenge, but we cannot do it alone. If young farmers don’t have a sustainable income level, they will struggle to implement effective measures to deal with climate change challenges in the long term. A sustainable income level must, therefore, be the foundation for future actions,” said Mr Maes.

Mr Maes emphasised the potential of the agricultural sector in the fight against climate change and its unique position in both emitting and capturing carbon. Soil carbon sequestration is a key measure in dealing with climate change that should be better explored.

Knowledge must also be made available to farmers on how best to implement practices related to soil carbon sequestration depending on the region they are in. Additional incentives should be put in place to encourage farmers to invest in their soils and produce food in the most sustainable way possible.

Mr Maes’s full speech is available here.


CEJA represents the political interests of around two million young farmers from across Europe. Its main objectives are to facilitate the installation of young farmers, to inform and to train them as well as act as a forum for communication and dialogue between them.

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