Issues of crucial importance for young farmers will be discussed by EU farm Ministers at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting on 15 and 16 December 2014 in Brussels. CEJA implores Ministers to come to an agreement on the issues and support the Presidency document.

It is crucial that the Council Ministers come to an agreement on Council conclusions on the issue of improved support for young farmers in next week’s meeting, particularly considering the scale of the demographic crisis in the EU farming population today. The Italian Presidency’s note on young farmers to the Ministers explains that the support currently available to young farmers is not enough to help them overcome the barriers to enter the sector which stand in their way. The proposals included in the Presidency document, such as facilitating access to credit for young farmers which was warmly welcomed by CEJA last month, would remove one of the main barriers to entry of the sector and lead to an increase in numbers of successfully established young farmers. In order to secure the future of EU agriculture, action must be taken now.


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