Yesterday, CEJA President Alan Jagoe addressed EU Agriculture Ministers and European Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan in the context of the Dutch Presidency’s informal Council meeting in Amsterdam on the theme ‘Food for the Future – the Future of Food’. Mr Jagoe spoke on behalf of all European young farmers, calling on those present to send a positive signal to young farmers and acknowledge how indispensable they are to the ‘Future of Food’, warning Council members that young farmers are currently being lost from the industry every day, putting the future of European food production at risk.
As today’s agricultural crisis persists across almost all sectors, CEJA believes it is essential that both immediate action is taken as well as beginning work on adopting and implementing mid to long-term risk management measures and financial instruments to avoid such substantial casualties and crises in future. With this in mind, Mr. Jagoe called on the Council to send young farmers a signal of optimism and positivity, recognising how important young farmers are to the future of food.
In this context, Mr. Jagoe addressed the acting President of the Farm Council Martijn van Dam, Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan and the EU Farm Ministers directly, stating that: “It is essential that the CAP addresses the constantly-evolving situation we find ourselves in in Europe today, and is one which provides both a safety net for farmers in difficult times as well as rewarding them for the public goods they continue to deliver to society at large. A vibrant CAP is therefore crucial to ensure the future of European food.” Minsters’ discussions at the Dutch Presidency’s informal Council focused on how to address the current market crisis and to avoid similar crises in future as well as looking ahead to the CAP post-2020 and how it may better address the challenges faced by those in the EU agricultural sector today.

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