In a bid to secure a prominent agenda for young farmers in the new Commission, CEJA President Matteo Bartolini had his first official meeting with the new Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan, today.

During the meeting the CEJA President took the opportunity to explain the demographic crisis in the EU farming population, as well as the limitations and barriers young farmers and young people attempting to set up a farm are faced with in Europe. The CEJA President also discussed a number of concrete solutions which could address these issues with the Commissioner, including CEJA’s proposal of a European Bank Guarantee for young farmers. He reiterated that CEJA is prepared to cooperate as much as possible with the Commission on proposals such as these in order to attain a more sustainable future for the agricultural sector in the Union.

The CEJA President also explained the importance of building the right toolkit of measures to assist young people to gain entry to the farming sector particularly considering that agriculture has been placed under the umbrella of “Jobs, Growth and Investment and Competitiveness” in the new Commission priorities. In this respect, Mr. Bartolini underlined how much a European Bank Guarantee for young farmers, in cooperation with the European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund, could help young people to overcome the huge problem of a lack of access to credit as well as the current limitations for access to land. He applauded the efforts made by the Italian Presidency on that front and noted that he will be looking forward to seeing the achievement of Council Conclusions during December Council.


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