CEJA provided an initial response to the CAP legislative proposals published by the European Commission today. It welcomes the specific focus on young farmers in the CAP’s objectives, “Attract young farmers and facilitate business development in rural areas”, and the greater emphasis on young farmers’ needs.

CEJA also appreciates that in the Commission’s proposal there is a more well-rounded definition of “genuine farmer” that is in line with the one concerning “active farmers” included in the CEJA document Young Farmers are Key in the Future CAP.

However, CEJA President Jannes Maes said: “While there are positive elements in the CAP legislative proposals, in order for generational renewal in agriculture to truly take place the minimum of 2% of the direct payments envelope per Member State to be ring-fenced for young farmers needs to be higher. CEJA is also firmly against any renationalisation of the CAP because it is only through having strong measures at EU level that young farmers will be able to thrive in the agricultural sector.”

CEJA had reacted with disappointment to the intended reduction in the CAP budget presented in the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) for the period 2021-2027 on 2 May. A budget which foresees a reduction in CAP funding will undermine generational renewal in agriculture and the work being undertaken to reform the CAP so that it delivers better outcomes for farmers and enhanced public goods for all EU citizens.

CEJA will carry out an in-depth analysis of the CAP legislative proposals in the coming days and looks forward to working closely with the EU institutions and other stakeholders to further fine-tune the proposals.


CEJA represents the political interests of around two million young farmers from across Europe. Its main objectives are to facilitate the installation of young farmers, to inform and to train them as well as act as a forum for communication and dialogue between them.

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