The European Parliament’s COMAGRI hosted a public hearing on young farmers at which CEJA Vice President Iris Bouwers delivered a speech on the importance of generational renewal in the future CAP.

On the 23 November members of the COMAGRI discussed the result of the study, “Young Farmers – Policy implementation after the 2013 CAP reform”, which provides information about the implementation of the current CAP’s young farmer mechanism.

Ms Bouwers highlighted the need for there to be a mandatory link between access to land and the definition of active farmer, better knowledge transfer between age groups working in agriculture, and that “generational renewal should be a cornerstone of the future CAP”.

Further points Ms Bouwers spoke about concerning CEJA’s position on the future CAP included:

  • a state aid exemption for land acquisition for young farmers in order to increase their numbers across the EU;
  • the modernisation of the decoupled payment system so that direct payments are not only linked to land; and
  • ensuring a connected countryside in which people can develop farms and support their families.

“It’s really important for young farmers to have a strong definition of active farmer, to have land mobility schemes available and to have access to investment aid,” Ms Bouwers said after the hearing.

Her full speech is available here.


CEJA represents the political interests of around two million young farmers from across Europe. Its main objectives are to facilitate the installation of young farmers, to inform and to train them as well as act as a forum for communication and dialogue between them.

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