The Rural Coalition, comprised of CEJA, CEPF, CIC, Copa and Cogeca, ELO, FACE,  and UECBV published a joint statement on “Empowering rural areas in the CAP post-2020”. In its statement, the Coalition asks present and future EU decision-makers to keep a high level of ambition for rural development in the next CAP, starting with an adequate budget.

The Rural Coalition welcomes the nine specific objectives proposed under the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and underlines that economic, social and environmental sustainability must form the basis of a successful rural development strategy within the European Union and in each Member State’s CAP Strategic Plan. However, the announced cuts to the CAP budget and thus to the rural development budget do not only send out a negative signal, but also threaten the existence of rural areas as viable and attractive places for European citizens.

The Rural Coalition calls for the rural development budget to at least be maintained in real terms, and for more synergies to be created between the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and other European funds, such as the European Regional Development Fund and Horizon Europe. This will stimulate sustainable development in rural areas.

Bringing together stakeholders representing the rural economy, including farmers, land owners and managers, forest owners, hunters and actors in the livestock value chain, the Rural Coalition strongly believes that its contribution to decision-making is  of high importance in order to guarantee the viability of rural communities. It hopes that the points outlined in its statement will be taken into account by decision makers.

CEJA – Alessia Musumarra, Secretary General (

CEPF – Fanny-Pomme Langue, Secretary General (                                     

CIC – Mark Ryan, Deputy Director General (                                                 

Copa-Cogeca – Katerina Vrublova, Policy Advisor (                   

ELO – Ana Rocha, Senior Policy Officer(

FACE – David Scallan, Secretary General (

UECBV-  Angelantonio D’Amario, Policy Advisor (