SEMA II addresses the nexus of multifunctional agriculture and the entrepreneurial skills needed among young and family farmers. Therefore, the project aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of farmers, a prerequisite for successful diversification of farming activities to maintain viable farming businesses. The SEMA II Project uses audio and video materials to circulate the experiences of innovative farmers and the knowledge of leading experts.  

Creating Entrepreneurs in Food Project

The Creating Entrepreneurs in Food Project aims to build food innovation and entrepreneurship-focused rural communities throughout Europe. The project will provide young graduates with the knowledge and skills to start up a food business by providing a training course on soft agri-business skills and an online portal for the exchange of best practices between educational institutions and enterprises. Visit the CEF website, and follow the project on Facebook and Twitter.


The Farm-Success Project aims to raise awareness of the challenges and the importance of success within the succession phase of family farms across the EU. Providing training materials, based on case studies of young farmers continuing their family business, as well as complementary OER, Farm-Success will help young farmers face succession processes on their family farms in a sustainable and successful manner. Related downloads: Farm-Success brochure Farm-Success brochureSummary Report; Newsletter N.1;  Article on Succession_in_EU_farming_Challenges_and_Opportunitiesuseful links to succession resources. visit the website


CAP, What’s Cooking?

This EU funded Project will host a series of cookery events on farms across Europe (during March – April 2016) to make the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) more ‘digestible’ for the general public. You can find a local event near you by visiting the website. Based on these events, in April 2016 a unique CAP Cook Book will be published. The beautifully designed book will include brief explanations on the various topics of the Common Agricultural Policy, farm portraits and recipes from renowned, local chefs, using products from the area. visit the website


This project is a direct follow-up of the previous NATURALITER project aim of which was to provide a platform for farmers interested in transforming their farms into more multifunctional enterprises. The RURAL/ITER project in turn sets out to update, adapt and transfer teaching materials from the previous project for the benefit of newly established young farmers, second chance adults from other sectors and female entrepreneurs. visit the website


This project intends to provide new opportunities in agriculture and food sector for families relying on social care. FARMLAND provides innovative teaching materials, with a general e-learning platform and specific modules to implement accredited competencies in the sector of education and training located in rural areas. visit the website

MWE (Mentoring Women for Entrepreneurship)

Building on the previous achievements of the MW-Sonet Project: Mentoring Women with Social Networking, the Mentoring Women for Entrepreneurship – MWE Project envisages to further encourage an entrepreneurial spirit of young women in the rural areas. visit the website


MULTIFARM_EU is a project that is directed towards training and informing farmers on how to and possibly what kind of agri-multifunctionality technics to implement on their farms in order to remain sustainable. visit the website or view the Final Summary Report of the project


The main objective of the project is to develop a reliable and simple identification method for fingerprinting individual plant species present in the animal feed to guarantee the quality of meat and dairy products. visit the website

Agri-Multifunctionality II

The AgriMultifunctionality II project aims to address the problems of an ageing farm workforce and the ongoing flow of young people out of the countryside, both of which are serious challenges to the sustainability of the European rural economy.

Climate Farmers

Climate Farmers is a project about agriculture and climate change promoting case studies of European young farmers who recognise their reponsibility to play a part in the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their farms. visit the website